The Facebook Reaction Buttons


To those friends and family that want to be supportive of us, as we grapple with the loss of our sweet baby and all the grief that comes with it, can I offer a suggestion? Please stop using the sad reaction emoji on Facebook anytime I post something about my daughter.

I know, I know – it’s a Facebook emoji. People are trying to be supportive. Who cares what stupid emoji they’re using? And I get that. It IS just an emoji and I completely understand that you’re being supportive. I do.

But here’s the thing – not everything related to my daughter is sad. Yes, her death is obviously heart-breakingly sad. The post we made announcing her birth and subsequent death was sad. But my post showing the memorial tattoo I got on her due date? Not sad! That is a post filled with love. The love I have for my daughter proudly displayed forever on my skin. The post I made about my breast milk donation and how proud I am to have been able to do that because of my beautiful little girl? Not sad! Again, filled with love and honor for my sweet girl.

Is it sad that I can’t post a million pictures of a smiling baby? Yes. The sadness I have because my daughter isn’t here with us is all consuming. Is her short, but beautiful life sad? No. She was, is and always will be loved and we are forever thankful we got 12 days with her. So please, if you want to tell me that you see me and support me, stop telling me that everything related to my daughter is sad.


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