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Want to contribute to the Courageous Mothers Community? Wonderful! Thank you so much! Please note, you do not need to be an amazing writer to contribute here. All you need is a will to share your thoughts and your story with us ❤

If you choose to be a regular writer and you also have your own blog, we will link to your blog in the sidebar!

Our current categories are:

  • Life After Loss
  • Stories of Loss
  • Infertility & TTC
  • Comfort & Inspiration
  • Pregnancy & Parenting After Loss
  • Courageous Fathers

You have two choices. You can either:
A) Apply to contribute often
B) Just submit a guest post for now

To apply to contribute often, here’s the form for you!

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If you just want to submit a guest post for now, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Write your post
  2. Put it in a Word doc, Google doc, or text document (just no PDFs please)
  3. Include a couple-sentence bio about you
  4. Attach a photo of you (optional, but it’s nice to see a writer’s face!)
  5. Attach a picture for your post, if you have one
  6. Send to courageousmothers@gmail.com.