The Courageous Mothers Community is a new blog and community started to support those going through any type of loss or infertility. It’s a space for all of us to write – to share our stories, our hopes, our sadnesses with each other in a supportive environment.

This blog is brand-new. If we can grow it into a busy community, it will grow, too! Right now, it’s a free WordPress blog. If it grows, it’ll be redesigned and upgraded in other awesome ways to be one of the best communities for bereaved mothers (and fathers) around.

How will it grow? You! Please submit your content and contribute to the community, and leave comments on other articles. Together, we’ll find comfort and healing through community.

The Courageous Mothers Community was started by me, Jonah’s mom, Jolissa Skow. Visit my blog Letters to Jonah to follow my story.

Thank you so much for visiting ❤