Our Rainbow Baby: A Poem By a Courageous Father


This rainbow baby poem comes to Courageous Mothers from a writer unlike any we’ve featured before. Robin Spina is a 66-year-old father of two (Nikki, 30; Matt, 27), and because of Courageous Mothers, found out that his daughter is a rainbow baby. Here’s his explanation:

You see, I did not know the term, Rainbow Baby until recently. I belong to a writing club at work (I’m in marketing and communications) and a recent prompt had us writing a story or poem about rainbows. In doing my research, I came across the term (and your site) and what it meant. I had no idea that my daughter is a rainbow baby, and I felt compelled to write the poem. I do write poetry on occasion, and proud of most of what I write, but more so this one, as it’s about Nikki … our Rainbow baby.

Our Rainbow Baby

She’s my significant other, my wife,
my sunlight in this storm still raging.
As facing life lost with no compromise.

A miscarriage … not always of justice.
Sometimes, of fortune or good intent,
or, of heartbeats’ spontaneous end.

Unanswered questions now torment,
as debilitating grief now develops;
so much disbelief envelopes us still.

Sadness, bitterness, hatred to whom?
Do we succumb carrying that weight,
or, nudge it aside (but not behind)?

She and I, we’re traversing this divide.
So dark, but she sees the other side …
using light, past the storm and clouds.

That light, for her, guides the way,
with subsequent dreams of rainbows.
Suddenly, thinking of new beginnings,
of what’ll be, not what might’ve been.

Rainbows in dreams come with warning.
If approaching them still in mourning,
they become elusive, and back away.

So … time to accept, corral the grief.
The storm is over … look what I see,
a rainbow moving toward her and me.

We enter the prism of light and color,
to see what this realm might conceive.
Our rainbow baby was born today,
in rainbows and miracles we believe.



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