Preparing for a baby you may not bring home: Sunlight in December

This is such a touching post by a mama who was told at 20 weeks that she may not bring her precious baby home. It’s such a tough situation that nobody wishes to learn how to navigate, but when they need to, I hope Kristin’s words can help ❤

When my husband and I became pregnant with our first child, I counted down the days to our anatomy scan. I couldn’t wait to get a closer look at our little one and finally learn whether we would be bringing home a baby boy or a baby girl. Our celebration quickly turned to worry when the doctors told us that our sweet baby might not survive long after deliver. I can clearly remember the moment we were first told that our little boy would likely fight for his life. I remember staring intently at the geneticist, trying to soak in every word as tears poured down my face. I remember feeling deafened by the questions that swirled through my mind.

Hydrocephalus. Missing cerebellar vermis. Heart defect. Possible chromosomal abnormality. Developmental delays. Potentially fatal. The room spun and I desperately tried to grasp at words I knew as I was bombarded with terminology that I did not understand.

We never considered that we might not be bringing home a baby at all.

Read the rest of this post on Sunlight in December.


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