Tiny Magical Love: Tiny Hero


Hi courageous people! I have a post to share with you from Kate, a mama who writes on her blog, Tiny Magical Love. Such a great blog name 🙂

The post she submitted here is called Tiny Hero, and it made me feel the feels. She writes:

People who are given challenging lessons develop a hide tougher than the revolting beef jerky my husband loves to eat because they are brilliant in mastering this technique. They know that what happens to them is not the end. It’s just an interlude. It’s a season of difficulty but it will pass. You have to take what you have learned and push on confidently without bitterness, without self doubt, and without holding onto it like a badge of honour.


I remember being in hospital trying to recover and deal with my new life after my baby was born when a friend came to visit. His wife had also just given birth and he was telling us about how well she was recovering on account of all of the pilates classes she had taken during her pregnancy. Under any other circumstance it would have been a normal discussion and yet I couldn’t help but feel sheer disbelief, struggling to comprehend how different our stories were.


I’d had the most awful pregnancy right from the start and attending a pilates class was the absolute last thing on my priority list. It was right next to poking my eyes out and removing my spleen for fun. I wouldn’t wish what happened to me on anyone but it occurred to me that my story couldn’t have been any further removed from just about every other pregnancy tale I had ever heard.

Read the full post over on Tiny Magical Love.


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