Libby Rose: Dear Santa


This mama to her beautiful Beatrice wrote a letter to Santa, and it’s really gorgeous ❤ She asks Santa for 5 things this year, including remembering, letter her rest, and giving her daughter a gift. She writes:

My baby died a few years ago; she was perfect but, unfortunately for us, she was stillborn. I miss her terribly and whilst I will always wish for things to be different- to turn back time and change things- I know that nobody can make that dream come true. Obviously, I would love for her to be here with us for Christmas and, whilst I know not even your magic can do that, I was wondering if you could do one of these other things for me:

  1. Help me remember

We were only with her for a short time and, as time rapidly moves on, these memories are harder and harder to form. I’ve forgotten what she smelt like. I’ve forgotten what it felt like to hold her. I’ve forgotten how tiny she was. I’ve forgotten how wonderful it was to kiss her and talk to her and just be in her presence. If you could help me remember, even just for a second, I’d be eternally grateful.

Read the rest of Dear Santa here.


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