“My baby was stillborn but I still want the world to know him.”


Thanks so much to Ann-Maree for sending in this wonderful post about her beautiful son, Xavier, and telling the world all about him. Here’s a part I love:

I’ve realised that our ‘modern society’ is not so modern when it comes to talking about stillbirth and grief.

But I don’t think it’s deliberate. People freeze because they are scanning their brain for something good to say and very quickly realise there is nothing. There are no words. For me, I would like to replace the pressure people feel, with the knowledge that they can ask me the normal questions – “Did you have a boy or a girl?” “What is his name?” Just like every other new mum, I want permission to talk about my world – my son. The pain that comes from being denied this opportunity is unfathomable. I would love to shout about my son from the rooftops and have everyone know about him, but instead I have to sit with the painful notion that our society isn’t quite ready for Xavier Rocket. And I’m not a normal mum.

Read the full post over on Mama Mia.


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