How I healed after delivering my stillborn baby.


Today, we’re sharing a post by Ann-Maree from Australia about how she worked on healing after delivering her beautiful Xavier. Make sure you click through to read the rest – my favorite part is near the end ❤ Beautiful insights, mama!

I used to think grief was just sadness. I now know it’s not. It’s all the other feelings too. All…at…the same…time.

Grief is the harsh, cruel pain of holding your stillborn son in your arms, whilst feeling utter pride and unbearable love for this perfect, yet breathless little life.

It’s your mind playing tricks on you; saying your baby is just sleeping. Then the overwhelming reality when you realise he’s not waking up.

It’s smiling down at your baby as you take in all his features that come from you and the only other person you love just as much – your husband and father of this child. At the same time, it’s wiping away tears of horror that you will not get to take your baby home and your family is forever changed.

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