But What If Not?

Mamas and dads, meet Kristin, writer at Sunlight in December. She sent this wonderful post in to be shared with all of your here, and we are so gladly sharing!

From Kristin:

I wrote this post for anyone with unfulfilled dreams, shortly after receiving news that my body may never carry another child. Many of my fellow loss mamas were celebrating their “rainbow babies” and while I truly celebrated with them, I felt alone knowing that I may be part of the small percentage of people who never have their rainbow. My hope was and still is to encourage the mother with empty arms, and affirm her value even if the rainbow doesn’t come.

To my mamas with empty arms, my sisters who long to be loved, and to anyone with unfulfilled dreams, this one is for you—for us.

I’ve longed for someone to come alongside me, to take my hand, and to speak this truth to me. Let’s face it. We don’t need more empty phrases, even though they are often uttered with the purest of intentions. We need truth and we need love.

Some of us may not get what we so desperately long for. Some of us may not ever get the “happy ending” that we had once envisioned. Some of us may never receive the things we think we always wanted—but no matter what happens, our arms will not be empty. We may end up with so much more than we ever would have dreamed up for ourselves.

Read the rest of this post on Sunlight in December.


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