Now Looking for Volunteers


Dear Courageous Mothers and Fathers,

When I started this community, I had big dreams of facilitating its growth. Today, I still have those dreams, but I know that I cannot make them happen alone.

I have great ideas for this community, but in my grief and busy life, I need help to carry them out. I know that this can be a large, amazing community of support and comfort, but I cannot make it that on my own.

So, I’m looking for two or three volunteers who would like to help with:

  • Finding writers, leading them
  • Finding amazing pieces already written online and sharing them with our community
  • Managing our Instagram (posting our new articles, creating quote graphics, interacting with those we follow)
  • Managing our Pinterest (pinning our new articles, pinning grief quotes, etc.)
  • Writing and posting your own content

If you’re interested, please email me at


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