Book Review: Expecting Sunshine by Alexis Marie Chute


Expecting Sunshine is a new release by Alexis Marie Chute, about her first son Zachary, who was stillborn, and her subsequent pregnancy. You may have heard her name before – she’s a writer for PALS, her blog is called Wanted Chosen Planned, and she creating a documentary, also called Expecting Sunshine.

In Expecting Sunshine, Alexis chronicles her pregnancy after the loss of Zachary, and reflects a lot on her first pregnancy and the loss of Zachary. I enjoyed reading this book, because she doesn’t hold back in talking about the complicated and difficult emotions and experiences that a mom who is pregnant after a loss goes through. It’s raw and real, and for that reason, it was a great read.

I will say, however, that I read Expecting Sunshine just a couple months after losing Jonah, and it was difficult to read about pregnancy after loss when I was still deep in the grief of my loss, and not yet thinking about trying for a rainbow.  If you’re triggered by talk of rainbows, I’d set this one aside until you’re ready to read about pregnancy after loss.

Otherwise, her story is deep and emotional and beautiful, and I recommend picking it up!

Here’s more information about it:


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